Earn the most when selling your home – have a plan!

a plan can earn you more

Planning is the key to earning the most money when you sell real estate. Treat the sale of your home as you would a very important business deal. Sellers are so proud of themselves when they negotiate a reduction in commission, but they’re overlooking where the money really is.

ASK A SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS PERSON WHAT THEY CONSIDER IMPORTANT WHEN SELLING ITEMS IN THE QUARTER MILLION DOLLAR+ RANGE? They probably won’t recommend focusing on the nickels and dimes. Focus on the total sale price. A 5% increase in your sale price at $300,000 is $15,000! Think about that when listing your home focusing a small savings.

Have you heard the phrase “nothings more expensive than a cheap lawyer?” This also applies to hiring a REALTOR®

Hire a REALTOR® who will put together a strategy to earn you the highest return. A great plan can earn 5% more on your sale. I know 10 things that will individually earn a seller more than any commission savings – but never is a sellers first question, “how can we earn the most money when selling?” Make it your first question, and make sure the person you’re asking knows how.


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Blake King
Having lived in Red Deer my entire life and having experience in many avenues of real estate I offer enormous value to my clients.
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