When selling… some things help – some don’t.

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From lack of preparation to quick and shoddy repairs, there are countless mistakes a seller can make when putting their house on the market. Before selling, it’s important to make a plan that earns the most money for the sale of your home. A qualified Realtor® can help with the sale plan.

There are  inexpensive ways to earn more when selling and the least expensive is cleaning and decluttering. Anyone who’s watched the home shows on tv knows this, but it’s hard to imagine fully unless you’ve witnessed buyers shy from a less than sparkling home. Identical properties – one well cleaned and in great shape compared to one in average condition – can have potential buyers see a $10,000 price difference. Not taking the time to really clean, make small repairs and declutter will devalue a homes true value.

commission saving on real estate in central abThere are many other things you can do to sell your home quicker and at it’s best price. Some of the most effective things cost very little and take only a little time. And before making a decision to spend money on improvements, make sure they’re cost effective – a fully renovated bathroom could benefit one property but have a lessor effect on another. Make sure your improvements bring a return on investment. You could spend $35,000 renovating your basement but only make it part of the plan if you’re able to earn on the investment.

If you are considering selling in the near future call Blake King with BigEarth.ca Realty in Red Deer. Blake will plan a specific strategy to earn the most when on your home. In addition, he’ll demonstrate the prodigious marketing he used to place his listings in front of more buyer’s eyes and he offers very affordable commission rates.

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