10 Exquisite Kitchen Design Details Unlike Any Other

From Homedit and written by Simona Ganea

The kitchen may as well be considered the most important room in the house since it packs a ton of functionality in a usually compact form. That’s even more true in the case of modern and contemporary kitchens which are part of open floor plans and directly embedded into the social area. Even for someone who doesn’t really cook the kitchen is still a core component of the day to day life because with time it has surpassed its initial role, becoming a venue for social interaction and daily activities. It’s not more important than ever to plan all the kitchen design details with great care so here are some ideas that might inspire you.

This kitchen was designed by studio Diego Revollo Arquitetura and has a very cool feature: a hanging island. It’s a simple-looking island which takes up zero floor space and doesn’t include any built-in storage such as drawers or shelves. It trades these elements in favor of a minimalist design which maintains a lightweight and airy decor throughout the space.

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While it is possible to design a kitchen island which doubles as a bar or as a table, that’s not what design studio buck&simple chose to do for this apartment in Sydney. Their strategy was ingenious and included designing a pull-out dining table which fits inside the kitchen island and can disappear completely when not in use. It’s a really great way to save space without compromising on functionality.

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