2015, a slower year in Red Deer real estate

real estate with Blake King Century 21 Advantage

We witnessed the home sales number fluctuate all over the place in 2015 and the last two months of the year were no different. November 2015 saw a 1% increase over 2014 and December saw a drop of 39%.

real estate with Blake King Century 21 Advantage

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There were only two month in 2015 with sales higher than the same month the year prior. March and November were Red Deer’s biggest sales months in Real Estate  in 2015 and they only succeeded by 1%. It’s good news when we see sales increases but in 2015 Red Deer saw slower sales 10 months out of twelve.

The slowest two months this year were January and December. These months are generally the slowest each year but this year we saw sales 39% lower in each. May, June and July our normally our busiest months each year and they raced well this year too. June and July were our best comparable months only 4% and 9% lower than 2014.

Below is graph/chart of real estate sales in Red Deer over the last 3 years. I will track 2016 the same as I have and we’ll see where the line runs in comparison. We are still feeling the effect oil prices are having on our oil and gas industry but I think we’ll see some recovery in 2016. The price of oil might not increase much but companies will learn to operate more efficiently allowing the industry to regain some momentum and get people back to work to improve consumer confidence.

Blake King monitors and charts real estate statistics in the Red Deer and Central Ab markets. If you ever need details, information or statistics contact him. The reason he does it is to understand the nuances of his local markets and to help home buyers and home sellers make the most informed decision. If you’re looking for a diligent Realtor ® who works hard to earn and save his clients money call Blake King with Century 21 Advantage.

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