3 ways architects can improve social equity

Hint: It’s all about housing

By Diana Budds  Nov 8, 2018, 2:30pm EST

Today nowhere is immune to housing crises: Developed and developing nations; cities, suburbs, and rural areas; prosperous regions and economically struggling ones. And there’s a common refrain echoing around the world: housing is a human right. However, that’s far from being a reality. How—in the face of considerable population, financial, regulatory, and spatial hurdles—can we boost supply to those who need it and do it in a considered, successful way?

Housing as Intervention: Architecture towards Social Equity,” a recent volume of Architectural Design, explains how architects around the world are responding to social equity and justice issues through housing. Guest editor and housing expert Karen Kubey scoured the globe to find forward-thinking solutions that are specific to the problems in their respective cities, but hold lessons for architects everywhere.

“Today we are experiencing unprecedented increases in urban populations,” Kubey writes in the volume’s introduction. “Globalized investment in luxury housing, combined with the withdrawal of public funding from social housing provisions in Western countries and forced migration due to conflict and disaster worldwide has led to precarious housing conditions for wide swathes of society. Severe income inequality is making housing insecurity impossible for even the upper classes to ignore…housing has become unaffordable for middle-class residents all over the world.”

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