“31 Home Improvements That Will Double the Value of Your Home”

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HomeScope.ca is not only a news, information and statistics page directed toward the local real estate market of Red Deer and Central Alberta, it’s also here to provide local residents valuable information when selling their home and also help buyer do better.

It’s here to provide information in addition to news and stats to assist selling your home quicker, selling your home higher and the best time to sell your home. Home buying is also something that, when done right, can put buyers in a better position financially and www.HomeScope.ca also shares that information. 

The article below is directed toward helping home sellers.

Red Deer is as challenging as anywhere when selling a home. And the article below from Readers Digest is very valuable. When you list your home for sale you are always faced with competition. The competition you face are homes similar to yours; some being in better condition, some priced lower, some in a better location… But remember, in every real estate market there are a variety of buyers, so competing doesn’t mean just being priced better. Some buyers want specific features and they’re willing to pay for them. You can take the home you’re selling and position it better buy adding and improving features that appeal to more buyers. The article below by Lisa Marie Conklin will help in this very way.


From big to small, we have home improvements that add up to a huge boost in the value of your home!

Additional bathroom

This may be the best home improvement you can make. After all, can we ever have enough bathrooms? According to Steve Frellick, licensed contractor and founder/broker of Yonder Luxury Vacation Rentals, a one-to-one bedroom/bathroom ratio is ideal. “An additional bathroom creates greater functionality of a home, while also increasing resale value.” Not sure where you could possibly squeeze in an additional bathroom? There are usually a variety of hidden opportunities in homes. This may be an under-utilized closet, space in the basement, or “stealing” a little space from a bedroom or hallway, says Frellick. Check out these 15 secrets to locking down the sale of your home faster.

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Spruce up the bathroom

“Bringing your bathrooms into the 21st century creates a high degree of functionality and a huge return on your investment,” says Frellick. You don’t have to necessarily gut it and start over. New fixtures, fresh paint and light fixtures, and exhaust fans are good places to start. Check out these 13 easy bathroom makeover ideas.

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