8 Home Upgrades That Always Pay Off – When Selling

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Whether you’re planning to sell in the near future or down the road, you might want to consider directing your renovation dollars toward things you—and your future bank account—will enjoy.

Common logic would tell you that any and all improvements to your home would in fact improve your home value. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case (we’re looking at you, infinity-edge pool). If you’re contemplating a renovation, consider these eight upgrades guaranteed to earn back bucks when your home is sold.

1. Temp-Controlled Square Footage

“From the appraisers’ point of view, and really from everyone’s, heated and cooled square footage is the biggest winner [in terms of payoff],” says Charleston, South Carolina, real estate agent Dewey Golub. If you’re looking to boost your sale price, converting a garage, attic, or screened-in porch—or building an entirely new addition—all add major brownie points for buyers. They can also cost quite a bit in time and money, so make sure you’re up for the up-front investment before committing to a project like this.

2. A Fresh Coat of Paint

Few relatively inexpensive upgrades work as much magic as a fresh coat of paint. Golub notes that it’s especially “necessary if the colors are unique. You don’t want to go looking for a unique buyer; you want a broad-based buyer.” Steven Jones of Better Shelter, a Los Angeles residential real estate development and design firm that specializes in the rehabbing and resale of character properties, echoes this sentiment. “Since most people aren’t well versed in trends, I would recommend just keeping your home neutral, cheerful, light, and bright.”

3. Manicured Landscaping

Much like painting, spiffing up your home’s curb appeal is relatively simple and sports a big payoff. Aside from minding the general upkeep of existing foliage—like trimming back bushes and low-hanging branches—…

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