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Buying or selling your home is a very large important transaction. Be discerning when taking advice from people. If you’re taking advice from someone, make sure they’re a competent source. I hear people repeat things so far fetched I often have to ask, “who told you that?” In most cases the source is just an acquaintance with little or no real estate knowledge, usually regurgitating incorrect information they’ve heard from someone doing the same thing.

Be smart – below are the 5 biggest mistakes people make when buying or selling real estate that lose them money.

Using a ‘real estate help site’ – besides posting a home for sale on their website, these ‘real estate help sites’ offer little more value than a yard sign. Unfortunately, you pay these companies up-front. If your house doesn’t sell, your money’s gone…

…to read the full list of the 5 mistakes seller make <CLICK HERE>


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