Save big on commission and sell at the best price using powerful marketing.

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Red Deer’s thoughtful & affordable real estate company!

There’s a Real Estate company (brokerage) serving Red Deer and Central Alberta offering low commission and a powerful marketing program that places homes they sell before more potential buyer’s eyes.

Big Earth Realty is a new local realty company focused on saving clients as much money as possible by adhering to a business plan that’s eliminated unnecessary expenses so they can pass savings on to their clients.

If you’re planning to sell and want to save on commission while selling your home at it’s best price click here to learn more<<

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In addition to saving everyone selling their home the most money, we also pass saving on to everyone buying a home. During the purchase of a home, expenses can add up and Big Earth Realty helps buyers. With every home, we assist our client’s buying, we also give them free money-back on move-in day.

Will $1500 help with everything as you move in? Learn more about the free money Big Earth Realtors® give back to home buyers by clicking here<<

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Aligned with Big Earth’s theme of giving back we also want to go one step further by planting a tree for each home we help our clients buy or sell. Every yard can use some more life and trees are essential to life. What better way to start a new chapter in life than by contributing to more life… learn more.

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