Are You Using These 10 Mortgage Reduction Strategies?

Strategies to lower you mortgage faster

Here is a great article from regarding mortgage reduction strategies that can save you a lot of money

When in doubt go to an expert who knows more than you.

That has been my Modus Operandi throughout life. I find it both sad and amusing when people allow their ‘professional jealousies’ or their ‘fear of looking weak’ get in their way of doing more, knowing more and frankly making more money. Ego vs progress… I let progress win. If I can’t clearly justify my decisions and choices, then I shouldn’t be making them (that’s a real rookie mistake)

pay your mortgage downWhy open a blog post on mortgage strategies like this?

Simply because I truly admit that I don’t know everything about everything. I am in continual learning mode; observing, watching, analyzing, absorbing.  I seek out those who I believe know more, in order to know more myself.


After 20+ years in the real estate industry I have to admit I know a lot about mortgages and financing – but no where near everything. This is especially true for financing because the rules and strategies change on a monthly basis. What has worked in the past may no longer…

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