The average home sale price improves in April

The March home price average was a little depressing if you’re a homeowner planning to sell but April is more exciting.

March price average dipped but April 2019 average price increased, and they increased enough to impact the 12 and 4-month running averages too.

I don’t know exactly what happened to cause the price dip in March but it’s good to see things improve. It’s been a flat few years as far as home prices go so improvement is a relief.

However, it’s only really a relief to homeowners. Homeowners love price increased because it positively impacts their home equity and anyone who’s just purchased likes confirmation they’ve made the right choice at the right time.

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The only people who don’t want prices to increase are people waiting to buy. If you’re waiting to buy price increases mean you’ll be paying more when you do.

The average price of homes selling in April 2019 increased 8.5% over March with the 4-month running average increasing 2.2% and the 12-month average increasing 1.4%.

If you are planning to buy you should probably consider doing it sooner than later. We might see some economic recovery ongoing and right now prices are low and so are interest rates. If you want to buy and save money Realty gives buyers free money when they move in. For more information click the link below.

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