Average real estate price report for Central Alberta

We were watching home prices gradually climb the last few months in Central Alberta but this month they dipped. I don’t think it’s anything to panic about, one month’s results don’t reflect a trend.

To spot a trend I like to use each month’s average sale price to determine the 4-month and 12-month running averages. A running average better demonstrates how things are changing.

For example, over the last few months, with prices rising gradually, the 12-month running average was still decreasing but it was decreasing less each month. With one more price increase (this month) we may have noticed the 12-month average turn the corner.

However, as you’ll see below and in the chart above, the last 30 days had a lower price average.

June July real estate red deer

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The 12-month average had been decreasing each month but decreasing less and less as the 4-month average gradually increased. If July’s price average came in just $9000 higher we would have watched the 12-month average turn the corner and increase.

Unfortunately, the average price of a home in July in Central Alberta dropped 9.5% and that caused our 12-month running average to decrease again slightly.

But let’s not fret yet, we wait and see what next month brings. I still feel we will see the market recover gradually but there might be a few ups and downs.

I will continue to post and talk about average price details each month so everyone can see which direction the market is heading.

Know your market!

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