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Real estate investing excites a lot of people. Everyone knows there’s money to be made, but they usually don’t know the correct steps. Some investors wing it, do a little research and hope for the best. However, like any business it sure helps to minimize mistakes, make better decision and make money quicker. The best way to do this –  learn from someone who’s invested, renovated, flipped, rented, managed and sold many money making properties

Having in-depth experience and being a Realtor® I ‘m often asked, “what’s the best way to start making money in Real Estate?” My answer is – get started as quick as possible. Property generally appreciates, why wait? The person asking is eager to learn but before getting started I like get feel for where they’d like to go.

Most people most of the time understand real estate investing is a great way to make money. However, there is so much information to process, and because it’s such a broad topic, it’s can be confusing.

Real estate T.V. programming inspires us, but the shows can be confusing when their main focus is drama. Focusing on drama is interesting but can the important money making details get overlooked. And, of course, there are too many details to discuss in a short T.V. show, especially when details vary depending on a persons plan, their location and their local real estate market.

Each person interested in real estate investing might be looking in a slightly different direction. A person with strictly investment goals will be looking for something different than a person planning to build equity through labour etc. There are different answers and plans for each individuals interests.

The more I talk with curious investors I learn, in most cases, they have a bit of direction already. The initial conversation also allows discussion on questions they have and time to clear up confusion from any misinformation. For example, since the new mortgage rules came out in, some people have been confused by incorrect ramble.

There are an number of paths to take when investing in real estate. Some people want to flip a few homes and gradually build equity toward buying their dream home. Another person might be planning a portfolio of investment properties for retirement. Each person’s plan will vary a bit, and their approach should also.

Depending on the plan:
There are better properties to buy to maximize rental return?
There are better properties to buy when planning the most profitable flip?
What locations will see higher appreciation in the next decade?
Some properties will sell faster than others?
Some properties will appreciate quicker?

An experienced real estate investment expert can help with each of these questions.

My name is Blake King and before I became a Realtor® I purchased properties to earn profit, and I’ve learned so much since then. I purchased my first investment property in 2003 and have personally purchase, renovated, flipped, held, rented and sold over 22 investment properties since then. Since becoming a Realtor® in 2007, I have also assisted countless real estate investors buy, plan, improve, rent and sell properties for profit. I’ve learned what to look for when planning improvements for profit, the best properties to purchase, improvements that earn the most, the best ways to flip for profit and a set of other techniques that maximize a buyers return.

If you’re considering investment in real estate let’s talk about the best ways to make you the most return on your money. Now is the perfect time.

Even if you’re only interested in buying your personal residence, there are things to consider that ensure you make the most profitable decision.

I’ve been helping real estate investment buyers make the most profitable purchase for years. CLICK HERE if you’d like to learn more.


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Blake King
Having lived in Red Deer my entire life and having experience in many avenues of real estate I offer enormous value to my clients.