Central Ab home prices rebound in January 2019

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Prices were edging very low at the end of 2018 after a not-so-good year as far as growth goes in the Central Alberta real estate market.

All of 2018 was essentially a flat market but it was looking scary when prices continued to drop each month from June to December.

Will prices continue to drop in 2019? There’s no way to be completely certain, however, with the bad news from 2018 gradually working its way into the background January’s rebound might indicate where the market’s heading. Look closer at the data above you’ll see the 4-month average having increased after January and the 12-month average having decreased only slightly. The 4-month average is the short term indicator but it takes a consistent increase to impact the 12-month average. Look closely and you’ll see the 12-month average only decreasing very little, possibly indicating one sign of a turn around.

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If prices do climb a bit in 2019 it’ll help homeowners who haven’t seen equity much in the last decade, and essentially be good for the market. But price increases will take more buyers entering the market this year. If you’re one of those buyers waiting to buy once prices hit rock bottom, it’s a smart time to takes a very close look at what’s happening.

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