CREA hombuyers' roadmap

CREA hombuyers' roadmapCREA provides a number of resources homebuyers’ can use to prepare for buying a home and the Homebuyer’s Roadmap book is just one.

Before make any large purchase it’s important to have as much knowledge as possible to ensure you make the most informed decisions.

Here is some of the important info you will find in the Homebuyers’ Roadmap and a link to download it below.

  1. Helpful Advice: Get the basic knowledge you need before buying a home, plus useful advice to guide you throughout the process. Find it all here.
  2. Home listings on the Internet: Visit to view the latest home listings on whatever computer or device you’re using.
  3. Home listings app for your phone: Add our app to your phone to give you convenient access to all the latest home listings.
  4. Find a REALTOR®: Benefit from the expertise of a professional who can find you the perfect home. Find a REALTOR® in your area.

Download the Homebuyers’ Roadmap by following this link…


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