Everyone’s surprised by December home sale in Red Deer

Dec 2017 home sales Red Deer
December home sales in Red Deer beat last year’s numbers by 30%.

As of 4pm January 11th, homes sales in January are up 77% over Jan 2017. It will be interesting to see what the new year brings.

In December 2016 there were 50 single family homes (not including condos, mobile homes and acreages) sold in Red Deer and this year, in December, there were 65 sold.

Dec 2017 home sales Red DeerReal estate sales numbers in Red Deer in 2017 were all over the place, and only two months showed higher sales than 2016 (August and December). We witnessed sale drop one month -25% (March) over the previous year. Even thought sales numbers were all over the place, sales were only down 7% overall in 2017. It helped having the two month with positive sales reaching 27.5% and 30% higher than the year prior.

With the sales roller coaster this past year we didn’t witness any noticeable trending, but finishing off the year with a very positive improvement might indicate additional improvement in this new year.

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