Get Your House Ready for 2019 With These 10 Bathroom Hardware Trends


When it’s time to remodel or update the bathroom, the hardware — faucets, towel racks, shower heads — isn’t usually at the top of the shopping list. In fact, for most people, this category is likely an afterthought, which is really a shame. Like any smaller details, they all add up to a major feature that is important for carrying through the style of the bathroom. Aspects like hardware styling are key in making a bathroom distinctive and the right choice will transform a so-so design into one that’s bold and attractive.

We asked Chris Chmura, business development manager for Brasstech, what he sees as the hot trends in bathroom hardware for 2019. Chmura pointed out that different regions — both within the US and Canada as well as globally — have different preferences. That said, here are the top 10 bathroom trends for 2019 when it comes to hardware:

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