Historic sales price trend – Red Deer and Central Ab real estate.

From today forward I will post the historic price trend of real estate for both the Red Deer Market and the Central Alberta market. The most common question I receive regarding real estate is, “have prices dropped?” By charting the historic price trend Central Albertan’s can see what is happening in their local market.

Below I will post a separate chart for both the Red Deer market and the Central Alberta market as a whole. In addition to the chart I will post the current average price based on the last 3 months.

The average prices charted and posted below are an average based on all types of real estate sold in both Red Deer and Central Alberta.

Average home sales price Red Deer based on last 3 months: $335,901

red deer real estate pricesAverage home sales price Central Alberta based on last 3 months: $317,675

Central alberta real estate prices



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