Home purchase tip #3

home buying tip red deerA mistake buyers make when planning to buy their house is losing track of value and making a bad offer. Some properties are priced too high but some are priced great (meaning they are priced at their “market value”). Houses priced right sell fast in a busy market. If your purchase offer strategy is wrong you can lose the property you love.

It seems as though 98% of buyers want to offer lower than the asking price – this strategy is based on nothing but bad negotiating advice and less than savvy purchase strategy. If a house is priced right don’t make the mistake of offering incorrectly and losing the house you love. If a house is priced too high you make an offer lower. If the seller doesn’t accept or try to find a mutually agreeable price that’s their mistake. Decide what the house is worth to you. If you are happy with asking price buy it before someone else does! I witness so many buyers lose the home they want based on some wacky principle assuming you always offer lower. A smart buyer will buy your, correctly priced, dream home from under your nose.

If you see something priced too high at the store you avoid it. If you see something price well and you need it, you buy it. It’s a simple strategy and it applies with real estate too.


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