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home buying tipI show a lot of homes each week to a great mix of wonderful people. Whether it’s a couple, a family or an individual they all know what they are looking for. Couples compromise usually wanting different parts of a house to meet their needs but most importantly knowing what they want. Some people need a garage or en-suite, others want a large kitchen or a large family room for their kids to enjoy…

I tell people looking to buy THEIR home that it’s important they get what THEY need. If you want and en-suite off your master bedroom there’s probably a good reason. If there’s a good reason you don’t want to live day to day without it.

It’s so important for buyers, whether a couple, a family or an individual to make a list of the things they want in their new home, and to only look at the houses that have those particular features. You might argue that the houses with your “must haves” are out of the price range, but there’s a solution to that. Try looking for houses slightly older and less expensive to save some money. Then you can have all the things you want because that’s important.

So remember – you are buying a house to live in long term. It’s the place you’re going to spend most of your time. Buy the important things that make a house YOUR home.

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