Home selling tip #3

make the right choice to list

Not all Realtors® preform equally. What’s the most important thing you’re expecting when selling your home? You want your home to sell as quick as possible at it’s highest price. What’s going to make your house sell quickly at it’s highest possible price? If all things are equal, location, price, benefits, make the right choice to listquality, cleanliness condition etc, the Realtor® that markets your house most aggressively will sell it fastest and at the highest price.

Why, when preparing to sell, do some people focus on lower commission and mistakenly hire the cheapest agent ? It’s usually because they don’t know any better. Should a home seller be hiring the Realtor® who’s #1 service is to be cheaper or should they diligently find a Realtor® that focuses their professional efforts on selling their clients property quickly and at it’s highest price? There is a good chance the higher price will out-weigh the small commission savings. And remember the old saying, “don’t trip over dollars to pick up cents,” it still happens a lot to people who can’t see the big picture.

With all things equal, aggressive marketing is the determining factor that sells your house high and quick. If your Realtor’s® #1 service offered is cheap commission are they competent enough and will they market your property right? They aren’t, they don’t – they’re just happy to have your house listed, they hope it sells and in the mean time they continue to search for more people wanting to list their property as cheap as possible…

Blake King’s goal as a professional Realtor® with Century 21 Advantage in Red Deer is to sell your house as quick possible at it’s highest price. I’m happy to present my listing strategy and marketing plan to anyone considering the sale of their home. I’m certain you’ll see how my P.L.A.N. (Property List Assist Network) can maximize the return on your biggest investment.

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