Hoping to sell in 2020? Make a plan now!

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I’m 100% certain that when you do sell your home you’ll be hoping to make the biggest return on your investment possible.  To earn the most money on the sale of your house you need to plan early.

Most sellers do all their sales planning less than a month prior to listing their home and guaranteed, they’ll overlook some of the most important things.

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Selling this year? Remember these 10 things.

  1. There are better times to sell each year and it’s probably not when you think… hint… it’s approaching soon!
  2. The preparation required to have your home in it’s best ‘showable’ condition to sell takes more time than you think.
  3. Current issues and concerns you want to remedy are worth fixing, dealing with them before a sale and especially a home inspection is smart.
  4. Most of the preparation needed to sell your home at it’s highest price is inexpensive and easy to do.
  5. Get to know your market. It’s difficult to know the important stats to look at but an experienced Realtor® can interpret them for you.
  6. Start looking online at other homes similar to yours to compare. The homes in the best condition will sell quicker and higher. How does yours compare?
  7. Most advice you receive from friends and family is incorrect. The information people tend to share are often things they’ve heard from someone else. If you want to know the status of your local market etc., ask a studied Realtor®.
  8. Know which improvements offer the biggest return on investment and understand that not doing essential improvements will encourage a lower sale price.
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9. If your house isn’t new that’s alright, but do your best to make it less of an issue. Prepare your home so it’s age isn’t the thing potential buyers focus on.

10. Clean, clean, clean… an unkempt house listed for sale will lose you thousands of dollars.


Blake King Red Deer’s Real Estate Strategist

I’m happy to show everyone the best way to earn the most money when selling their home. I’ve developed an in-depth plan based on stats, experience, and research to maximize any home’s sale price. I also show buyers and sellers on how to save the most money with any real estate transaction. Call (403) 350-7672 or email hello@blakeking.ca

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