How to get top dollar for your home.

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June 21, 2016

…Regardless of the type of property, every seller has one goal in mind: to get the most money possible from the right buyer.

Here are some tips to enhance your chances of getting the top dollar for your property:

Lose your emotions. This is a tough one, so I put it first. When I sit down with sellers for the first time (often months ahead of our prospective list date), I regularly start by saying something like “this is no longer your home, rather this has to become your product.”  I mean this.

It’s not easy to leverage any commodity unless you are prepared to approach the transaction with an unemotional or non-romantic notion of the process. Selling a primary residence (or even an investment property) comes with loads of memories and emotions, but unfortunately for most sellers, these two factors can be largest barriers to success…

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Your property has a story — make sure it gets told. I would argue this last step is the most misunderstood of the three, so I want to be careful in explaining exactly what I mean.  Realize, however, this only matters if you’ve properly executed on the first two steps because if you haven’t, it loses nearly all effectiveness…

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