Moving Tips Will Make Your New House Feel Like Home

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Whether you welcome change with open arms or you’re fearful of doing something new, there’s no denying that moving to a new town is a big change for anyone. These tips for settling in will help make that adjustment period go smoother. Any new place feels strange at first, but these ideas will make you start feeling comfortable from day one.

Moving Day

Moving day can get a little hectic, even for the most organized movers. Create a moving essentials list, along with a checklist of all those responsibilities that need to be taken care of right away.

  • Change locks – Secure your new home by hiring a locksmith to change the locks on all doors.
  • Set up utilities – Call local utility companies to get electricity, water and gas scheduled. You will also feel much more at home once you have Internet and TV service.
  • Do a safety check – Check all safety features such as testing carbon monoxide alarms and smoke detectors.

Unpacking and Settling In

It takes more than one day to truly get settled in, but you want a plan of attack for moving day so that the whole family (kids and pets included) handle the move with less stress. If you’re moving with a dog, your pup may do better if you hire a dog walker or pet sitter to help through the initial adjustment. A dog walker is especially helpful for day one because they can make sure your pooch gets out while you unpack. On moving day and for a few weeks, your time will be focused on taking care of the details of unpacking, settling in and getting to know your new town. Having a pet sitter will ensure your canine companion gets plenty of attention while you’re taking care of all these details.

Knowing that your furry friends are safe and cared for, you can spend the first day starting to get settled. Most new homeowners feel better when they clean their home right away. Cleaning on the first day makes it feel and smell like your place, and it’s much easier to get a thorough cleaning before everything is put away. After cleaning, unpack with a plan so you can feel comfortable on your first night. Commerce Bank suggests making your bed right away and then unpacking a few kitchen essentials so you can make a meal. No matter how far away you moved, a home-cooked meal is the fastest way to make any new place feel like home.

The First Days and Weeks

As you continue unpacking over the next days and weeks, take the time to get everything organized as you go. Focus on organizing things that can become a problem if you don’t find ways to manage them early, like designating storage for cords and electronics and organizing the linen closet.

While unpacking and organizing, you can’t spend all your time indoors. Get outside to break down empty boxes and work in the yard some, too. The fresh air will be needed and being outside gives you the opportunity to connect with passing neighbours.

Getting to Know Your Community

It doesn’t take long to make a new house feel like it’s really where you belong, but feeling settled in a new town can take a little longer. The key is to be intentional about meeting neighbours, joining groups, and venturing out into the community. Check out the local shops and restaurants and avoid going to the same place twice for a while. This is the best way to explore all your town has to offer and find your new favourite spot. Experience Life suggests establishing a new routine, such as joining a gym, which provides a sense of comfort while also helping you make new connections.

Forming connections is the best way to feel like your new community is home. What feels unfamiliar at first will quickly feel comfortable when you find your place in it. Life is full of changes, and moving can be a change that’s exciting and full of opportunity.

Photo credit: Pexels

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