Red Deer home buyers receive $1500 cash back on move-in day.

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Fees can add up when buying a home in 2019 but there are ways to save money too.

low commission red deer Realty also saves sellers money by providing a low flat-fee selling commission.
  • Hire an experienced Realtor® that knows the most important things to consider for when searching for a home, and the things to avoid.
  • Hire a Realtor® that knows the city and specific area well you’re buying in. Some areas aren’t as desirable and a good Realtor® will know the areas improve quicker than average.
  • Ask your Realtor® to list and explain the techniques they’ll use to get the best price when negotiating your offer.
  • Certain services are required during the home buying process and clever Realtor® will have the inside track on saving money on each; home inspection, legal fees, and other expenses.
  • And, find a Realtor® who gives you money-back on move-in day, but also make sure they have a plan for each of the above points.

The money-back conversation can be awkward but with Realty, money-back on move day is offered to you up front. Everyone purchasing a property at a price above $100,000 with Big Earth Realty will get money-back on move-in day. Below breaks down the numbers.

  • Purchases between $100,000 and $249,999 will receive $1000 cash back!
  • Purchases between $250,000 and $499,999 will receive $1500 cash back!
  • Purchases over $500,00 will receive $2000 cash back!

It’s become more expensive to buy a home over the last few years. Interest rates have increased and everyone qualifies for lower mortgages since the start of 2018. Big Earth Realty in Red Deer eases the financial strain for their buyers. When you’re planning to buy and want to save the most money call Big Earth Realty (403) 350-7672 or email

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Not only do you deserve to save the most money when buying a home, but you also deserve the Buyers Edge Service Treatment™ (B.E.S.T.™). Big Earth Realty associates will keep you up-to-date on the newest listings, and provide the service, information, and support you need to find the right home at it’s best price. Find your dream home in the ideal area with everything you need at the right price to fit you and your family.

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