Red Deer home sales down 3.7% in October 2019

Red Deer home sales are down another month in 2019 and it might be time we accept it more as a “norm” rather than a “trend.”

I should be clear though, I don’t think Red Deer and Central Ab home sales will continue to decrease but I think our 2019 sales numbers might represent what we see from here on.

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What could cause sales to increase right now anyway? Fewer people are working and it’s tougher to get a mortgage. Seven of the ten months in 2019 saw slower sales and I can’t see anything on the horizon to encourage more sales.

One thing the Red Deer market’s been lucky with this year is its acceptable inventory level and it’s likely due to the same reason sales are slower. Many people have decided to stay put in their current home because they no longer qualify for a higher-priced property.

However, there will always be some new home buyers and some homeowners selling to buy upward but the current sales numbers might be closer to what we’ll see over the next few years.

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