Red Deer sales & listings comparison news report March 25th – March 31st.

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If you’re planning to buy or sell residential real estate in the future it’s important to know and understand as much as possible about your local market.

It’s important to understand, each real estate market is local. Also note, when someone says “Canadian real estate market” or even “Alberta real estate market” it doesn’t directly apply to your local market. A lot of real estate decisions are based on national real estate information but it should only be taken with a grain of salt, it may have zero relevance to your local market. And before making any real estate decision call an experienced local Realtor® for advice!

Red Deer sales & listings comparison news report March 25th – March 31st.

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Number of single-family detached homes sold: 19
Number of single-family detached homes listed: 36
The average price of single-family detached homes sold: $347,126

Number of other properties (condo, apart, duplex, town-home) sold: 5
Number of other properties (condo, apart, duplex, town-home) listed: 16
Number of condominiums sold: 2
Number of condominiums listed: 10
The average price of condominiums sold: $125,750

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Number of residential units sold between 0-200k: 3
Number of residential units sold between 201-300k: 9
Number of residential units sold between 301-400k: 5
Number of residential units sold between 401-500k: 5
Number of residential units sold between 501-750k: 2
Number of residential units sold above 751k: 0

Total entered the market 
Listings: 52

Total off the market
Expired & canceled: 46
Listings sold: 24

(entered market) – 70 (off market) =  -18

The last week of March sees more homes leave the market than enter the market and it might be a sign of a more balanced market spring 2019. However, until sales numbers grow it will likely remain a buyers market!

Here’s some good news, sales numbers in this March outnumbered march of last year. See the chart here –

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Note: when too many homes are listed for sale it has a negative impact on pricing.Keep in mind, if you list your house to sell just “testing the market” you will essentially reduce prices as a whole and be negatively impacting your bottom line. The more listings there are (competition), the lower sale prices head. Supply and demand – too much supply inversely impacts prices. In turn, when a Realtor uses “sold” homes as comparable homes for a market evaluation on your home listing 3 months or 6 months down the road, you’ll have directly and negatively impacted your future sale price. Only list if seriously planning to sell.

It’s a buyer favoured market in Central Ab and that indicate it’s a great time to buy. Most buyers will wait to see if prices drop BUT ALL STATS INDICATE THEY WON’T. Keep your eye on my “average price charting” news for Central Alberta >HERE<

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