Sales numbers up in March!

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And that hasn’t happened since July 2018

For the first time in 7-months the Red Deer market witnessed higher sales numbers than the same time 12 months prior. When this happens after such a long time it’s something to celebrate. Higher sale indicates an increase in market activity and consumer confidence, and we haven’t seen much of either for a while.

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This is where we’ll probably see sales normalize as high 2018 sales numbers, due to a rush of pre-approved in 2017 buyers (before mortgage rules tightened up) fade. And should even give the higher sales numbers this month more attention because they had to beat the abnormally high sales early last year.

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It’s nice to see sale numbers up and I’m surprised we haven’t seen it sooner with prices low and interest rates in great shape. Unfortunately, most buyers need an upward price trend before buying and by then prices are higher. Another reason a slower market is a great time is the buyer deals available. For example, Realty based in Red Deer and operating through Central Ab offers buyers cash back up to $2000. If a buyer can get 1000-$2000 when they move into their new home it can really help the pocketbook.

If you are planning to buy a home in the near future check back in at to track average prices, market inventory and other real estate news directly related to the local Red Deer real estate market.

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