September home sales plunge in the Red Deer real estate market

home sale in red deer decrease

We were witnessing a positive year with home sales in Red Deer outdoing 2017, but August and September put the brakes on for us. By mid-year, it looked like we might see home sales in 2018 surpass 2017 but the margin began to dwindle with equal year sales June and July and lower than last year sales August and September. At the end of August home sales in Red Deer were 1% higher but with sales down 22% in September total sales for the year is now 2% lower than 2017.

What good news can we still take from this year’s sales numbers? Well, even with sales down this year compared to last, they are only down 2%. 2015 sales were 16% lower than in 2014, 2016 sales were down 8% over 2015 and 2017 were down 7% from 2016. So the good news is we are down less than previous years… so far. Let’s hope home sale don’t plunge further in October, November and December so we can chalk up improvement even better than the last few years.

You can see Octobers sales numbers and how they compare by checking back at during the first week of November.

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