Hints for selling your home in the near future.

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It’s maybe not the best time to sell right now but if you are thinking of selling this year, spring is the best time.


If planning to sell in the spring, and you want to sell your home at it’s best price, it’s important to hit the market early. There’s an interesting real estate market dynamic in the spring each year. Buyers start their spring search sooner than sellers are generally ready. This leaves an abundance of early spring and then an abundance of sellers April through May. To maximize your sale price and shorten the time it takes to sell, be on the market when the demand is high and supply is still lowerer.

prepare home to sell early Feb to July is always the busiest time for the Red Deer real estate market and the MLS demonstrates this each year with higher sales and higher inventory. The inventory is highest later in the spring market. If you are planning a sales strategy, list in the first week of February and beat most competitors (other similar listings).

A high number of sellers miss their planned listing date because there is much more to do than they realize when prepping their property to sell. In most cases, if a person is planning to have their home on the market for February they start preparing at the end of January. Don’t wait, prepare early and have your house on the market February 1st. This way, even if you are a little late, you’re ready by February 3rd ;-).

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By having a house on the market Feb 1st a person is positioned to sell as the influx of buyers start and before the influx of other sellers flood the market. This is a dynamic overlooked by both sellers and many Realtors®. Be ahead of the game, use every advantage.

This is a helpful selling hint from Blake King Realtor® with Big Earth Realty in Red Deer. There are a number of strategies to use when selling to maximize your efforts and your sale price. In addition to specific planning, Blake and Big Earth Realty save you thousands of dollars on the commission when selling. Contact Blake at (403) 350-7672 or hello@blakeking.ca.

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