The best home organization hacks, according to Curbed editors

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We gathered tried-and-tested tips, tricks, and mantras for keeping your house tidy

By Laura Fenton  Apr 29, 2020, 1:14pm EDT

As social distancing efforts continue, our homes can feel more and more like our whole world. While there’s usually little we can do about the uncertainty raging outside, there are many ways we cantame all the small messes indoors.

In this unusual season of spring cleaning, Curbed editors are sharing some of our favorite strategies and hacks for home organization, below.

Be a gatekeeper

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“I cannot advocate enough for a one-in, one-out policy,” says Tom Acitelli, editor of Curbed Boston and a dad of two, who applies the policy to clothes, kid’s toys, (most) books, and other household items. “It really helps keep the clutter under control in our small space.”

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Create landing places for clutter

“Establish a ‘dropoff point,’ a spot where everything from keys to change to receipts gets dropped,” Acitelli also recommends. He says it’s better if you make it farther from the front door, as the distance can encourage better organization habits.

Executive editor Mercedes Kraus agrees: “Everything must have a place. Even if you need to have a transient place (for keys, mail, and the like), have a space that’s dedicated to transience.”

Upcycle pretty boxes

Bottles in a small box.
Packaging for socks turned home for skincare products. 

“I love to reuse good-looking, sturdy boxes as organizers around my apartment,” says editor Jenny Xie. “ A colorful boxed packaging for some new socks now houses small bottles of skincare products, a flat box for a new wallet holds necklaces and hair accessories, and a long rectangular wine box, placed on its long end, tidies up loose single-serving snacks and seasoning packets in my pantry.”

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Shop for furniture that does double duty

”I live in a small apartment with just one closet, so furniture that doubles as storage is key,” says engagement editor Jessica Gatdula. “I have an ottoman that serves as an extra seat and stores towels, a basket-like coffee table, and a nice futon that hides my shoes underneath.”

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