The Red Deer real estate market continues to improve.

red deer real estate news
*disclaimer – the last two months Red Deer home sales reports, including this as one, stated “single-family detached home sales were up,” it should have read “residential single-family home sales were up.” “Single-family detached homes” is a more specific group of homes that don’t include townhomes and duplexes etc. I wanted to make this disclaimer so there was no confusion.

We can now say we have seen sales up 5 of the 6 months in 2018.

Some months have been up higher than others but any improvement each month is better than nothing after a roller coaster real estate market in Red Deer and Central Alberta over the last few years. June 2018 single family detached home sales were up 0.8% over June 2017 and if we look at all residential units sold we are up 6%.

red deer real estate news

The only thing consistent the last few years has been lower and lower sales.

2014 had higher residential home sales than 2013

2015 had 17% lower residential home sales than 2014

2016 had 9.5% lower residential home sales than 2015

2017 had 8% lower residential home sales than 2016

And currently 2018, as of June 30th, has 4% higher sales than last year!

4% doesn’t sound like a lot but it’s good news considering what we’ve witnessed in the last few years. It will be interesting to see what happens as we pay close attention to the Red Deer real estate market over the second half of 2018.

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