We are seeing a sales trend in the Red Deer real estate market

sales up red deer

A trend is a pattern and a pattern we’ve missed in the Red Deer real estate market over the last few years is increased sales. Over the last few years sales have been erratic and more often than not sales have gone lower than the year prior. As a matter of fact, sales have decreased each year since 2014. Until now.

This year we’ve seen home sales higher in 6 of the first 7 months. And we’ve seen sales higher in the last 7 of 8 months going back to December 2017.

We haven’t seen a trend like this since I began tracking single-family detached home sales in Red Deer back in 2013, and it’s a very good sign. Looking at each months increased sales you could argue they aren’t very large increases, however, because it continues to happen it is significant.

Sales are up 3.7% for single-family detached homes in Red Deer this year and 5.6% overall. Let’s hope this trend continues because our current market still has an imbalance of lower sales than needed in a market with so much inventory. To see the most recent “months of inventory/inventory rate report” and how inventory varies through Central Ab click here https://www.homescope.ca/red-deer-central-ab-real-estate-news-months-of-inventory-m-o-i-is-high-everywhere-what-it-mean/

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