You won’t save money selling privately…

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But you will save money selling with Big Earth Realty!

Many homeowners think selling their home privately will save them money. This is false and will more often than not lose them far more money than the commission they would have spent.

If you list your home on a ‘for sale by owner’ site and put their sign in your yard you’re marketing your house equivalent to a kids Kool-Aid stand. Having your home listed on a professional MLS system is comparable to selling a product at Wal-Mart. When your home is real estate safetylisted professionally it reaches exponentially more potential buyers than an attempt to sell it privately… possibly even 10,000/1.

Consider the law of supply and demand – listing professionally puts your home, available for sale, in front of substantially more buyers (more demand). When supply remains equal (there’s only one of your house) and demand increases substantially, your home will sell higher. The sale price you receive selling your home professionally will cover the commission you pay and often earn you more. On the other hand, attempting to sell privately with very few potential buyers noticing will deflate your homes potential sale price.

Be careful when considering a real estate sales help site such as Property Guys, Purple Bricks or Comm Free. They use marketing tactics that make their service sound free and the low value services they due offer are often “pay up front” services. Whether your home sells or not you pay up front.

The MLS system is an amazing network reaching thousands of potential buyers and Realtors®. In addition to the MLS, an accomplished Realtor® will also market your home using additional creative and proven mediums too. Listing with a good Realtor® will boost your sale price, reduce your risk and save you time. is sponsored and maintained by Blake King Realtor® with Big Earth Realty. To contact him call (403) 350-7672 and go to or his homes sales hub

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